Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fabric Depot had a sale!

Living in Portland Oregon is wonderful for a burgeoning sewist like myself. Last weekend Fabric Depot had a sale so I went by and picked up so many wonderful things. This store is HUGE. I walked in and had to pick my jaw up off the floor because I'd never seen so many bolts of fabric in one place. I had only a few things in particular I was thinking of getting and I'm pretty new at this and had some trouble finding things, but two and a half hours and $80 later I walked out with a full bag of fabric and notion treasures. Feast your eyes:

Unfortunately I forgot the name of the amazing moth + cobweb fabric designer but most of the rest of them are made by moda fabrics. The silk snail in the back is a big panel and the lump of white stuff is some really soft minky fabric im going to try to use as the back for some bibs for my baby sister. The one with the bridges on it is by a Portland designer and actually has all of Portland's bridges on it!
Anyway look forward to more posts about the projects I'm going to do with this as well as a dress using the orange fabric you can see a tiny bit of in the corner I just made for my roommate.